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We operate one of the largest network of sports organisations in India.

We own and operate a portfolio of sports industry businesses in India at both the professional and collegiate level. We have also procured a wide range of sports-related media and intellectual property assets.

We will become a governing body to several prime sport conglomerates currently existing in India. We compete in the multi-billion dollar sports business industry in India by developing and commercializing some of the most valuable sport and entertainment properties in America. 


Elite University Sports Alliance of India

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Elite Football League of India


Elite Football League of India - University


Elite esports of India



Kurt Warner

Hall of Fame
MVP- 1999 & 2001
Active philanthropist - impact on the people of India through sports
Super Bowls 

Properties & Partnerships

EUSAI Members

Notable Shareholders & advisors

Kurt Warner

Investor and team owner (Pune Blue Panthers).

NFL Network football analyst. 

Former NFL quarterback that led the St. Louis Rams to a victory in Super Bowl XXXIV in 1999. In that same year, Kurt was named the NFL and Super Bowl Most Valuable Player. Received Pro Bowl honors for 3 consecutive years (1999-2001)

Mark Wahlberg

Shareholder and adviser.

One of the leading actors in Hollywood with a robust slate of films and television shows in theatres/on air or in production. Provides strategic value as he works with us for promotional and brand integration opportunities. He has significant authority and influence in sports, health and fitness world.

Satnam Singh

Shareholder and adviser.

Satnam is the NBA's first Indian-born athlete selected in the draft by Mark Cuban's Dallas Mavericks. Satnam Singh has announced his alliance with the UBAU and EUSAI to aid and enhance the advancement and infiltration of basketball throughout India.

Mike Ditka

Shareholder and adviser.

Mike Ditka is an NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame player and Super Bowl-winning coach. He joined ESPN is an NFL analyst in 2004. He has a combined 26 years of playing (12) and head coaching (14) experience. Ditka is an analyst on Sunday NFL Countdown & makes regular appearances on ESPN Radio.

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